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The Guide Book – Written by RK Narayan
Book Guide, The Film: Perspectives at Best Prices

Guide, The Film: Perspectives

Guide, the Film: Perspectives was born from the urge of a few Guide lovers to redefine and analyse the extraordinariness of the cult film. In this collection of essays, the fourteen writers led by Lata Jagtiani attempt to focus on different aspects of the film, even if there are overlaps, which are inevitable in a project such as this.


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Guide, The Film: Perspectives
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Binding: Paperback
Pages: 269
ISBN: 978-81-939555-2-9

Published: November 30, 2019

The Guide, the book written by RK Narayan, fired the imagination of Dev Anand to bring that story to celluloid. The film Guide brought the maximum success and fame to Navketan. It justifiably bagged several Filmfare awards for that year; after all, it was an epic film, which was at once radical and traditional.

Genius always provokes admiration and curiosity. Why did Guide succeed when others failed? Was there a workable formula that others could use for subsequent films? What made Guide a classic?

Guide lovers have asked themselves and each other these questions from time to time. Finally, when a few of them saw the terribly tedious English version of Guide, they realised that the Hindi film needed study, because both had the same plot, almost the same cast and crew, and yet the difference was stunning. They then decided to do a study of this classic and bring it in the form of a book to be read by lovers of great cinema.

This urge to redefine and analyse the extraordinariness of the cult film led to this collection of essays. The fourteen writers attempt to focus on different aspects of the film, even if there are overlaps, which are inevitable in a project such as this.

The book also intends to be a tribute to the masters, Vijay Anand, Dev Anand, Waheeda Rehman, Fali Mistry, SD Burman, Shailendra, Lata Mangeshkar, Mohammed Rafi, Kishore Kumar and Manna Dey. Not to forget the other members of the cast and crew who reached for the apex of their talents and produced a chef d’oeuvre.

This book is a unique collaborative study, fuelled by lovers of cinema and its music. The fourteen writers are Lata Jagtiani, Manek Premchand, Ajay Kanagat, Antara Nanda Mondal, Bobby Sing, Deepa Buty, Dharmakirthi, Gaurav Sahay, Kalpana Swamy, Monica Kar, MV Devraj, Pisharoty Chandran, Sundeep Pahwa and Vijay Kumar. It’s a book that all Guide lovers must possess.

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  1. Avatar

    How Vijay Anand’s classic film ‘Guide’ tackles the delicate subject of adultery

    Edited excerpts from a book of essays on the 1965 classic, which stars Waheeda Rehman as the dancer Rosie, who leaves her husband Marco for Dev Anand’s guide.

    Read the full excerpt here:

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    Doctor Govind

    A new book on Dev Anand’s movie ’Guide’.

    A devoted Dev Anand fan that I am, I never miss an opportunity to read a book on the evergreen legend. This time, I have got an absolutely sublime work , dedicated exclusively to Dev Saab’s greatest film-Guide, written by fourteen authors who are well known names in their fields of expertise…

    Overall- It was an amazing read. Highly recommended.

    Read the whole review here:

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    Latha Rajgopal

    An amazing experience

    The book written by team of 14 highly professional authors with a special touch of unique beauty, each one of them has shared his/her perspective.

    When I was listening to Lata Jagatianiji*s voice in the interview on FM, I could really feel her passion towards this subject! All the authors had dedicated attachment towards their work!

    The authors each of one of them could influence the reader so much that after reading this book readers like me would want to watch the movie again to enjoy and check all those things they missed out! To me it appeared as if every author of this book revisited the film many times to understand the situations and each of the characters and how they go against each other!

    As rightly said, without Goldie this project would not have been this good and without Burman Da and Kaviraj it would not have been this touching! Loved reading every bit in the book!

    Thank all of you so much for being such a sweet friend who could give these precious moments in my life!

    How true Guide taught us that “we reach a stage n assume that Yahan kaun hi tera musafir jayega kahan- n when we come across this sort of amazing experience we tend to humm
    Aaj phir jeene ki tamanna hi… ❤

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    HQ Chowdhury

    A guided tour of the Hindi film classic, "Guide"

    Blue Pencil’s “Guide” is a guided tour of the Hindi film classic, “Guide”. Led by Lata Jagtiani with an introduction by Manek Premchand, both respected names in the field, twelve other writers embellish the book with their insights.

    Most of us in Bangladesh and Pakistan saw the film on small screens (as public exhibition of Indian films were banned in 1965 and still in force) years later … after the film was released in the VHS/VCR format and then on DVD. This is a poor approximation of cinema experience, let alone a classic like “Guide”. A large majority of cinegoers also fail to grasp the finer aspects of a good film, which of course is a reality everywhere.

    The book thus gives us cine-goers delightfully, a new experience. A tour de force. One read, it literary pushes you to see the film again, now with rapt attention to enjoy its scoring features albeit again on a small screen. An exceptional educational tool for the old and new alike.

    Thank you all for this amazing gift!!


    (HQ Chowdhury is the author of Incomparable Sachin Dev Burman)

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