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Reflections and Stray Thoughts: ‘A Refreshing, Mosaic Composition’

Dr Syed Mamoon Nasrullah
Dr Syed Mamoon Nasrullah

I just finished reading your recently published book Reflections and Stray Thoughts, by HQ Chowdhury, which I bought in the recent Dhaka ‘Boi Mela’ (Dhaka LitFest 2023).

I am so delighted with the book that I am airing my views immediately. The book is a mosaic composition containing 40-odd diverse yet interesting subjects. Most endearing were the pieces on the persons very close to my heart… Dev Anand, Suchitra Sen (Mrs. Sen), SD Burman, some composers like Sajjad Hussain, Madan Mohan and others; Bangladeshi composer, Robin Ghosh, Bengali singers in Bombay, etc.

The author has very interestingly and eloquently narrated many amusing anecdotes and also some titbits trivia about them which make the reading even more refreshing.

Reflections and Stray Thoughts is a light read and will surely entertain readers immensely. We wish you all the success and wide circulation of the book.

With warm regards,
Dr. Syed Nasrullah (Dermatologist)
Washington DC, USA


Refelections & Stray Thoughts
Reflections & Stray Thoughts

Reflections and Stray Thoughts
By HQ Chowdhury

Available on Amazon India | US | UK | Germany | France | Spain | Italy | Netherlands | Poland | Sweden | Japan | Canada | Australia

Genre : Non-fiction
Binding : Paperback (6″ x 9″)
Pages : 167 pages
Published : 2021
ISBN: 978-81-952978-3-2

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