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Sharmila Tagore Recalls the Cinema of Tapan Sinha and the Golden Era of Bengali Films

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The Cinema of Mrinal Sen

Genre : Non-Fiction/Cinema Binding : Paperback (5.5″ x 8.5″) Pages : 173 pages Published : February 2024 ISBN: 978-81-943921-6-3 Paperback Available on Amazon: India | USA | UK | Canada | Australia | France | Germany | Spain | Italy | Japan | The Netherlands | Poland | Sweden | Japan Edited by: Amitava Nag & Antara Nanda Mondal Young at heart, rebel in the mind. That is Mrinal Sen for you. Outrageous, … Continue reading “The Cinema of Mrinal Sen: A Quest for the Unresolved”

IPL QUIZ BOOK till 2023

Questions, stories and memories – the ultimate IPL quiz book on 16 years of IPL from 2008 to 2023! By Arinjay Ghosh and Aniket Mishra. Ace your quizzing!

  Print length : 101 pages Publication date : July 12, 2022 Language : English KINDLE EDITION Available in:  India | USA | UK | Canada | Australia | France | Germany | Spain | Netherlands | Italy Writing humour is not easy, but in these bleak times, these two award-winning mavericks, Ramendra Kumar and Santosh Bakaya, whose oeuvres stretch across multiple genres, have given us … Continue reading “Mélange of Mavericks And Mutants”


Elation, heartbreak, glory, and controversy – here is a quiz book for cricket lovers on IPL from 2008 to 2021!

When two poets – one from Kolkata and the other from Kashmir, merge their poetic voices together, believe me, one starts believing in magic! The City of Joy, Kolkata, proud of its lineage, pulsates and throbs, juxtaposed exquisitely next to the Paradise on earth, Kashmir, equally proud of its lineage. The Dal Lake, and Prinsep Ghat shimmer in golden hues as the twin pens script a saga of beauty and peace.

Shop the Book Darkness There But Something More

This anthology of 30 selected ghost stories by authors dispersed all over the globe celebrates the spine-chilling thrills and sense of awe and bewilderment of this very inexplicable world inhabited by the other-worldly beings. Come, experience the cataclysmic, weird, and at times, benevolent spirit world and you will never have a dull moment in this roller-coaster ride!

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