Unborn — Selected Poems

Trishna Basak
Collection of selected poems by Trishna Basak, translated by Nandita Samanta. Unborn thoughts remain a constant reminder of the untapped creativity and innovation that lie dormant within us.


Unborn — Selected Poems

Collection of Selected Poems

By Trishna Basak

Translated by Nandita Samanta

ISBN: 978-93-92281-82-2
Published: March 2024
Pages: 65
Binding: Hardbound
Published by: Virasat Art Publications


The English translation of Trishna Basak’s ‘Ajatak’, a captivating collection of poems by one of Bengal’s most celebrated literary voices. Basak’s evocative verses explore a range of themes, with depth and beauty. This translation, meticulously translated by the eminent scholar, poet, painter, short story writer and translator Nandita Samanta, opens ‘Unborn, the translated version, to a wider audience, allowing readers who may not be familiar with Bengali language to experience the power of Basak’s words.

In a dark space, the unborn limits its movements readies itself to voice its inconvenience unaware that the shift would not be as fair as it seems this world fares on unfair means.


Thoughts that remain unborn linger in the recesses of our minds, never reaching fruition or manifesting into the world. These are the elusive ideas that we keep hidden, perhaps out of fear, self-doubt, or societal pressure. They simmer in the depths of our subconscious, yearning to be acknowledged and brought to light. Yet, they remain trapped within the confines of our thoughts, forever unborn and unrealized.

These thoughts hold immense potential, waiting to be unleashed and shared with the world. If only we could muster the courage to release them from the shadows, they could transform into something extraordinary, leaving an indelible mark on our lives and those around us. But until then, these unborn thoughts remain a constant reminder of the untapped creativity and innovation that lies dormant within us.


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About the Author

Trishna Basak, born in 1970, Kolkata, is a notable poet, story writer, novelist and essayist of modern Bengali Literature. A B.E. and M.Tech from Jadavpur University, Trishna left her lucrative career to pursue her passion for literature. Her 5 year stint with Sahitya Academi enabled her to get in close touch with Indian Literature. At present, she is a full time writer, editor and translator. She is also the secretary of Kolkata Translators Forum. She has more than 40 books of poems, short stories, novels, science fiction, essays, and translated works to her credit. Charer Manush (Novel), Atmaramer Notun Khancha (Science Fiction), Galpo 49 (Story), Anuprobesh (Novel), 25ti Galpo (Story), Library Shirt Kholo (Poem), Beral Na Nilghanta (Poem), Je Kothao Phere Na (Poem), Projukti O Nari (Non Fiction) are some of her popular books. She has also edited a number of books on poetry by Indian women poets, short stories by Indian writers and science fiction by Bengali women writers to name a few.
Recipient of several prestigious grants and awards like Sahitya Academi travel grant 2008, Ila Chanda Smriti Puraskar, 2013, Somen Chanda Smarak Samman, Paschimbanga Bangla Academi, 2018, Namita Chattopadhyay Sahitya Samman 2020 to name a few, Trishna loves experimenting with complex themes. Her writings bear the wounds of the modern terror-stricken world as well as the estrangement of technology-dominated relationships. She lives in Kolkata. She is married to a Professor at Jadavpur University and has a daughter.