The Surrogate Wife and Other Stories (Abhijit Sen)

The Surrogate Wife & Other Stories

Abhijit Sen


The Surrogate Wife & Other Stories
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The Surrogate Wife & Other Stories

Abhijit Sen
Translated by Sutapa Chaudhuri

ISBN: 978-93-93063-18-2
Published: December 2022
Pages: 323
Binding: Hardcover
Published by: Virasat Art Publications

A young, homeless woman finds herself in a pseudo-conjugal relationship with a jawan at a remote border outpost. A bank official is drawn to a prostitute when he goes to recover a loan taken by a dead lover. Accidentally dubbed a god-man a labourer begins to install justice around him. A singer entrances her devotees to help them erase unwanted memories. These stark, magical stories by Abhijit Sen, from the recesses of north Bengal, straddle communities, castes and classes. His lush narratives deftly navigate structures of power and oppression as well as rituals and realities of the region. His ruthless portrayal of love, hatred, belief and resilience is what makes for a deeply textured character of human existence.


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About the Author

Abhijit Sen received the Bankimchandra Memorial Award for Rahu Chandaler Haar (1985) in 1992 and the Saratchandra Memorial Award from the University of Calcutta in 2005 and 2022 for his contribution to Bengali literature. Some of his widely known works include the short stories Debangshi, Santrash and Poddhoti and the novels Chayar Pakhi, Bidyadhari O Bibagi Lakhindar and Mousumi Samudrer Upokul. Rahu Chandaler Haar has been translated as Magic Bones by Papri Sri Raman and published jointly by Abhinav Publications, Delhi, and Facet Books International, New York, in 1992.