Periodic Tales

Aparna Singh


Periodic Tales

womGenre : Fiction/Short Stories
ISBN: 9789393063151
Published: November 2022
Pages: 93
Binding: Hardcover
Published by: Virasat Art Publications

Periodic Tales authored by Aparna Singh is a collection of twenty short stories published by Virasat Art Publications. It is a ground breaking anthology of women’s stories centred on their happy and not-so-happy menstrual experiences. The book is probably the first of its kind to deal with this taboo subject.

Women have all kinds of stories to tell about these experiences but they are generally hesitant about sharing them. Periodic Tales breaks silences and taboos and narrates stories of women’s menstrual experiences which are at times painful, the cause of social ostracism and often occasions for celebration. The stories straddle the space between fiction and reality as they cover a wide spectrum of experiences of women belonging from different social strata.

A path breaking initiative, it attempts to destigmatise conversations around menstrual equity, hygiene, health, period poverty. It showcases the urgent need to initiate and continue these discussions which have either been silenced or shoved under the carpet by society.


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About the Author

Dr Aparna Singh is an Assistant Professor of English at Diamond Harbour Women's University. She has taught in various educational institutions across Kolkata in the last decade. Her area of interest includes Indian Writing in English and Dalit Literature. She has published in multiple national and international journals and books to date. She has four edited volumes to her credit and has worked as a copyeditor with Sahitya Akademi. She is also one of the authors of the poetry collection Three Witches' Songs.