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‘KABIR — An Inward Journey’ by Smita Tiwari — Blue Pencil’s NEW RELEASE!

Kabir an Inward Journey
The author Smita Tiwari showing her book at the Assi Ghat in Varanasi. The ancient city plays a key role in Kabir — An Inward Journey

Greetings, book enthusiasts and literature lovers!

We are thrilled to announce the latest addition to Blue Pencil’s growing library of captivating stories – KABIR — An Inward Journey a debut novel by UAE-based author, Smita Tiwari.

Embark on a Soulful Journey

KABIR – An Inward Journey invites you to delve into the heart of India through the eyes of Kabir, a young wanderer navigating the labyrinth of grief. In this sensitive and touching debut novel, Smita Tiwari intricately weaves a tapestry of emotions, spirituality, and self-discovery that will resonate with readers on a profound level.

kabir smita tiwari
KABIR – An Inward Journey by Smita Tiwari


Set against the backdrop of the mystical land of India, Kabir’s story unfolds like the verses of the renowned Sant Kabir Das. Wrestling with the weight of grief, Kabir is spurred into action, seeking solace and understanding on an introspective odyssey. His journey takes him through the vibrant tapestry of Indian villages, bustling towns, and bustling cities, each step a revelation leading to a deeper connection with the self.

As Kabir grapples with the complexities of life, his path ultimately converges with a celebration of renunciation, acceptance, enlightenment, and the enduring power of love. The pages of this novel are imbued with a profound sense of spirituality, encouraging readers to embark on their own inward journey of self-discovery.

Kabir — An Inward Journey
The author Smita Tiwari (first from left), her two children Ishan and Sanvee (standing behind L to R) with friends and family launching Kabir — An Inward Journey on the steps of the Assi Ghat in Varanasi

About the Author

Smita Tiwari holds a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering. She worked as a Technical Evangelist in Infosys Limited.

Despite her background in science and a successful career, Smita had always been captivated by literature. She left her full-time job to embrace motherhood and found herself drawn back to writing in her leisure time.

When she lost her father to the pandemic, Smita’s writing found a new purpose — she sublimated her grief in lyrical prose. Her debut work beautifully weaves the universal themes of love and loss and celebrates the enduring connections that define our lives

Her writing is a harmonious blend of sensitivity and depth, crafting a narrative that transcends geographical boundaries and speaks to the universal human experience.

Kabir an Inward Journey
Smita and her husband Vikas Tripathi

Why You Should Dive Into Kabir — An Inward Journey

Unique Perspective: Explore the mystical and diverse landscapes of India through the eyes of Kabir, gaining a unique perspective on life’s profound journey.

Soulful Storytelling: Smita Tiwari’s evocative prose and storytelling prowess create an immersive experience, allowing readers to feel every emotion and revelation.

Spiritual Exploration: Inspired by the timeless verses of Sant Kabir Das, the novel invites readers on a spiritual exploration, encouraging introspection and self-discovery.

KABIR — An Inward Journey is more than just a novel; it’s an invitation to celebrate the intricacies of life, love, and the pursuit of understanding.

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Let the pages of KABIR — An Inward Journey unfold before you, as you embark on a journey of the soul, embracing the wisdom and beauty that lies within. Join us in welcoming Smita Tiwari’s debut into the literary world with open arms and an eager heart.

Happy Reading!

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