TOMORROW IS TOO LATE Celebrating CINI’s Journey of 50 Years With Children and Communities



TOMORROW IS TOO LATE Celebrating CINI's Journey of 50 Years With Children and Communities

Written by: Ronita Chattopadhyay

ISBN: 9789393063663
Published: February 2024
Pages: 102
Binding: Hardbound
Published by: Virasat Art Publications

50 years of Child in Need Institute (CINI)

Capturing 50 years of hopes, aspirations, challenges and achievements is not easy. But that is what we have set out to do.

This is the story of the reputed Indian non-government organisation Child in Need Institute (CINI) and the journey it has taken over five decades with its core beliefs or principles. Significant events, turning points, and key experiences come alive in these pages as we move across time and not always chronologically to see how these principles evolved in their own distinct ways and also collectively.

At its heart, CINI’s story is the story of its people who have lived these principles. It is a story of the children and communities who have been the biggest teachers and collaborators. It is also a story of service providers, local government institutions, state and national governments, other non- government organisations, networks, donors, technical agencies, academia and many other like-minded fellow travellers.

In many ways, it is also a story of the development sector in India and the wide- ranging influences (local, state, national and international) over the past half a century.

Above all, CINI’s story is a testament and celebration of the power of a vision of change and of the children and people who believe in it.


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