Chronicles of a Corporate Executive

Ramendra Kumar
The ‘Chronicles of a Corporate Executive’ is a collection of work-life accounts which explores the sublime, the ridiculous and everything in between.


Chronicles of a Corporate Executive

Pages: 205
ISBN: 978-81-952978-2-5
Publisher: Blue Pencil
Published: 17.9. 2021

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Ramendra Kumar (Ramen) was in the Corporate Communications department of an integrated steel plant for 32 years. By virtue of working in a unit which reports directly to the Managing Director, he was witness to incidents, actions, reactions and monkeyshines which would enrage, frustrate and/or simply make one laugh. The ‘Chronicles of a Corporate Executive’ is a collection of work-life accounts which explores the sublime, the ridiculous and everything in between.

In his own words, “This book (told from the point of view of my alter ego, Rajat) is based on real life incidents and people.”Ramen, a celebrated writer and a storyteller, brings his skills to the book making it a captivating page-turner. For the fresher, the book offers a rare insight into the working of the Indian enterprise with several pragmatic tips and case studies. For the veteran, it is like treading the familiar path with a brash guide who specialises in cocking a snook at the smug and the sanctimonious.

A glorious moment for Blue Pencil! 🤩💐 ❤

chronicles of a corporate executive launch Dr Pramod Sawant
The Honourable Chief Minister of Goa Dr Pramod Sawant (3rd from Left) releasing the book
chronicles of a corporate executive
Review by Arun Bhatt in The Political and Business Daily


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'Ramendra Kumar: The award winning writer & his 'guts''
Ramendra, instead of being a cynical crusader, sets out a fast paced narrative laced with his sense of humour. At another level, the reader soon starts realizing that humour has been 'weaponized' to dismantle the facade most of these perpetrators of chaos wear.
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About the Author

Ramendra Kumar (Ramen) is an award-winning writer, a storyteller and an inspirational speaker with 38 books. His writings have been translated into 29 languages – both Indian and foreign. He has won 34 awards in the competition for writers of children’s literature organised by Children’s Book Trust, over the years. This tally is one of the highest won by any writer.

Ramen’s stories have also found a place in anthologies and textbooks within the country and beyond. His stories have been showcased on several prestigious online platforms like, Radio Mirchi, Google & Apple Podcasts, Spotify etc.

Ramen has been invited to literary conferences & festivals held in Denmark, Greece, Sharjah, Sri Lanka etc as well Indian events including the prestigious Jaipur Literature Festival, Bokaroo, etc. He has been conducting Workshops for children and parents across the country and also taking sessions for institutions and corporates.

To know more about Ramen you can visit his website: & his page on Wikipedia.