Reflections and Stray Thoughts

Reflections & Stray Thoughts

HQ Chowdhury


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Reflections & Stray Thoughts

Genre : Non-fiction
Binding : Paperback (6″ x 9″)
Pages : 167 photo pages
Published : 2021
ISBN: 978-81-952978-3-2

Reflections and Stray Thoughts is a recall of stories of the bygone era, especially of the period 1930-1980. It connects people from films, music and sports, whose outstanding work in their profession still gives the author the ‘elixir of life’.

Anecdotes and narratives published earlier in the popular dailies of Bangladesh under the captions — ‘Of People and Ideas’, ‘Of Men, Music and Movies’, ‘Music Musings’ and in recent years, ‘At My Wits’ End’ in Facebook, have been bundled in the book.

The musings are based on the author’s personal experiences with celebrities, books of renowned authors and extracts of anecdotes and stories told by old timers who loved to engage in “adda” with young folks in coffee houses and restaurants.

A must for baby boomers from the author of the best seller Incomparable Sachin Dev Burman.

Cover Photograph Courtesy: TJ Natarajan


Most baby boomers of the sub-continent loved music, and cherished
movies and sports too. Today, there should be an opportunity for
revisiting the “Old Golds”.  The powerful line by Alfred Tennyson, “The
old order changeth yielding place to new”, is for them a misnomer.

Reflections and Stray Thoughts is an anthology of articles on music,
movies and sports of the 1930-1980 time frame with sneak peeks at
events around the world. Growing restless with city life, I developed a
fascination for recalling good old days of entertainment to present a
treasure trove of what it was like in the past for the new generation and
also salute those who brought joy to a baby boomer like me.

Certainly “light reading”, the book is not for the “thinking readers”
but an attempt to ease away a boring afternoon or the uneasiness of
traveling alone.


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About the Author/Editor

HQ Chowdhury is a freelance writer on music and films. He first wrote in the late 1960s for the People, an English daily from Dhaka and then for a while in the early 1970s for Cine Advance, published from Kolkata and Mumbai. He is a recipient of the 2006 'Sachin Dev Burman Award' from the Government of Tripura, India.

HQ Chowdhury is the CEO of Plasma Plus, an application laboratory of science and technology of which he is also the founder. He was listed in the Marquis WHO's WHO in the World of Professionals from 1997 to 2002.