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Manek Premchand
Manek Premchand has a diploma in Journalism and a degree in Arts from Bombay University. He has many friends in the film industry and remains fascinated by the enormous role that Hindi cinema's music has played as a key bonding medium in a country as disparate as ours. This fascination has motivated him to write six books on the subject. These are Yesterdays’ Melodies Today’s Memories, Musical Moments From Hindi Films, Romancing The Song, Talat Mahmood—The Velvet Voice, Hitting The Right Notes—Hindi Cinema’s Golden Music and The Hindi Film Jukebox—Exploring Unforgettable Songs. A seventh book Shiv Kumar Sharma — The Man And His Music was co-authored with two others. Besides these, he has written hundreds of music-related articles for a variety of newspapers.

He has also been a consultant with Saregama India Ltd. and a show host on many radio platforms including WorldSpace Satellite Radio. He also teaches elements of Broadcasting to post-graduate students at Xavier Institute of Communications, a part of Xavier’s College, Mumbai. He is currently an adviser to Manipal University Press.
Books by Manek Premchand
Talat Mahmood - The Velvet Voice

Talat Mahmood: The Velvet Voice is a focussed effort to look at the life and times of this amazing singing-actor, seen from the perspective of many music lovers who either knew him or understood his music. His entire repertoire of songs is tabulated and can be readily referenced.


The Unforgettable Music of Hemant Kumar looks in detail at specific areas of Hemant Kumar’s work. Chapters include the journey of his life, from Varanasi to Calcutta to Bombay and back to Calcutta. It lists his discographies as a singer—both in Hindi and Bengali films—as also out of cinema in many languages. It identifies his songs as a composer, again in his work in many languages. The Foreword is by Gulzar and the book includes a study of his Bengali repertoire by Antara Nanda Mondal and Sounak Gupta

Romancing the Song

Manek Premchand takes us on an exciting journey, commenting on situations and stories of films with relevance to their songs, and interpreting their lyrics. He offers explanations of deep words and complex lines, and demystifies what is meant by ghazals, nazms, rubais, and more. He illustrates the analysis with loads of examples, and peppers this huge undertaking with dollops of wit and humour.

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