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Aesthetic, engaging book covers that
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Book Cover Design

Mind your Covers! Bad Cover Design can result in poor book sales no matter how well written your content. Most people will see notice the layout and the catchy title. Then they would search for reviews by authoritative critics. Then they would search for excerpts from the book. After all how many of us actually look inside a book before deciding to buy?

Cover design is a complex matter of colour ratios, visibility in ambient light, psychological effects of patterns and shades etc. Design principles such as balance, contrast, proximity, harmony, lines, spaces and forms.

A great, engaging book cover must:

  • Convey the tone of your book
  • Ignite curiosity to make casual browsers click on the thumbnail
  • Use fonts, pictures, illustrations to catch your voice
  • Make the visitor wonder about the content

You have very little time to capture the user’s eye when she’s browsing around in her favourite store. Book sellers know that they can maximize their profits by prominently displaying only best-selling books.

As a novice author you can make plenty of mistakes while designing your book cover. You could mistake the importance of capturing reader attention and go for wildly mismatched prints.

The most commonly held misconception rookie authors make is that you can save money by designing your own cover. But the truth is that a professionally designed cover determines how many copies your book will sell.

Readers do judge a book by its cover. Here’s what you gain by letting an expert design your perfect book cover:

  • Optimized application of Design principles
  • Content that lays out a reader problem and tells the reader how this book will solve it
  • Most Visually appealing layout determined by A/B Testing
  • Experienced editors and designers add value to your work by making positive suggestions
  • Get the best rates for your investment

Don’t let your book die an early death!

Get in touch to get the best cover designs for your book today!

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