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Sharanya Banerjee
Sharanya Banerjee, who is known as Rimli at home, lives in Texas, USA with her family. She is almost 10 years old and will be in fifth grade soon. She won Honorable Mention at the Kappa Theta Writing Project of Lewisville ISD, Texas for her short story entry titled ‘An Adventure to Giggly Land’, which is part of this book.

‘My Unicorn is a Dove’ is her debut collection of poetry and stories which she started writing when she was eight years old, inspired by her mother who is an author. One of her favorite leisure activities is snuggling her mermaid blanket in a secret corner of her bedroom where many of her thoughts emerge. She also loves playing the violin, art and singing, cooking and baking with her dad, making creative things with websites and listening to music videos of Pentatonix.
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