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Krrish Mishra is eight years old and lives in London, England with his parents, Debadutta Mishra and Priyanka Rath. Krrish goes to an Independent Boys school in Harrow, and is an avid reader.

From a young age, he has pursued creative studies - actively participating in “Expressive Arts” weeks organised at school, and beyond. He also has a passion for music (Training towards his Grade 4 Piano certification), plays the violin and sings in the school choir group. His favourite sport is cricket, though he also plays tennis. He enjoys performing arts, and is working towards his Stage 2 LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) certification.
Books by Krrish Mishra

The Magic Towel duo are back with a new, exciting story – The Magic Towel Mystery. The fun and adventures continue – for Jack and Hugo, the magic towel. They don’t just beat Duncan the bully again, but also solve a mystery and make a new friend. Turns out, Hugo is quite old and has many a story to tell!

Bringing to our young and all readers, the second book in The Magic Towel series. Read the story to find out what the fantastic duo are up to this time!


Krrish Mishra wrote The Magic Towel wrote the book at the age of seven all on his own! One day, he was thinking about things in the shower and the idea of The Magic Towel automatically flew into his mind!

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