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Haimonti Dutta
Haimonti is an Assistant Professor at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Her expertise is in computer science, specifically, machine learning and distributed optimization, but in her spare time (which is not often) she loves to read, write and paint. Her poems, non-fiction writings and paintings have been published in journals and literary websites such as, CALYX, Rhyvers, Learning and Creativity (LnC), Sanskriti Buffalo and others. She is an editor of the online, bi-annual little magazine, “Bhavana”.
Books by Haimonti Dutta
Ethereal Strands Poems by Haimonti Dutta

Ethereal Strands is a collection of poems on intellectual passion that describes the fervent love, longing and desires the soul encounters when the intellect is aroused. It is a deep longing to find a kindred spirit — one who understands the craving just as much, and is able to reciprocate the feeling of love.

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