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Geetha Shankar
Geetha Shankar is the  Founder-Director of Center for Communication Excellence, Bengaluru, and National President, Public Relations Council of India (PRCI). A graduate from Mount Carmel College, she did her post graduation in Economics and has an  MBA in Mass Communication. Her career took a new turn as a Business Coach and she has built up a rich 25 years of experience in Learning, Development and Counselling. She is also a consultant in Communication where she takes charge of Internal and External communication to ensure smooth flow of information.

Geetha is trained as a Master Neuro-Linguistic practitioner from Florida. She has also been practising the Law of Attraction to keep her life and the lives of others joyful and healthy.
Books by Geetha Shankar
Shoreless Infinite Front Cover

Geetha Shankar’s autobiography is a testament to maintaining balance in all spheres of life without losing the joy of living. Life to her is painting a picture and not doing Math.

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