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She adores art as much as she does her work, be at cooking,writing or anything creative. Wondering who it is? Yes, it is none other than the dynamic retired IAS officer Chandana Khan, who has created a special place in the head of Hyderabadis. Born in 1954, in Miaapur, then East Pakistan, she came to Kolkata after India was divided in 1947. She studied English literature at Jadavpur University and taught in a College. Later she became an IAS officer. But her creative endeavor never stopped. She has already written many books of poems and short stories in English and Bangla. In this book, she discloses her perception and experiences as a student of literature who vividly studied and analysed the pieces of E. M. Forster particularly the elemental substantially of time and place of his novels.
Books by Chandana Khan
Time and Place in EM Forster Novels

A perspective look at E M Forster’s novels – useful for English literature students, literary criticism enthusiasts and aficionados.

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