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Amitava Nag is an independent film critic based in Kolkata and editor of Silhouette. His most recent books on cinema are 16 Frames and Smriti Satta o Cinema. His earlier writings include the acclaimed books Satyajit Ray’s Heroes and Heroines and Beyond Apu: 20 Favourite Film Roles of Soumitra Chatterjee. His latest book is The Cinema of Tapan Sinha: An Introduction.

Amitava also writes poetry and short fiction in Bengali and English – observing life in a platter. His poetry collection Forever Meera and translation anthology of Soumitra Chatterjee’s English poems titled Walking Through the Mist were published in 2020. He can be reached at www.amitavanag.net.
Books by Amitava Nag
Beyond-Apu 20 favourite roles of Soumitra Chatterjee

Beyond Apu – 20 Favourite Film Roles of Soumitra Chatterjee looks at the cinematic life of this thespian through twenty of the most iconic characters he has essayed. Handpicked by the star himself, and brimming over with vintage anecdotes, this is a fascinating read on the art and craft of a master at work.

MURMURS - Silent Steals with Soumitra Chatterjee

For the last six decades Soumitra Chatterjee has been revered, followed, worshipped – he had been a way of life, for many. The idea of this book stems from the many discussions the author had with Soumitra Chatterjee for over the last few years

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