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Published on : (18 August 2020)

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Krrish Mishra wrote The Magic Towel as his first book published ever. He found it really exciting and enjoyed writing this book. He wrote the book at the age of seven all on his own! One day, he was thinking about things in the shower and the idea of The Magic Towel automatically flew into his mind!

Jack James is a very nice and kind little boy, all of seven years old. Though, there is one thing Jack hates…. WATER! One day he finds a magic towel and… you have to read the story to find out all the exciting things that happen next!


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Krrish Mishra

London, England
About the Author/Editor

Krrish Mishra is eight years old and lives in London, England with his parents, Debadutta Mishra and Priyanka Rath. Krrish goes to an Independent Boys school in Harrow, and is an avid reader.

From a young age, he has pursued creative studies - actively participating in “Expressive Arts” weeks organised at school, and beyond. He also has a passion for music (Training towards his Grade 4 Piano certification), plays the violin and sings in the school choir group. His favourite sport is cricket, though he also plays tennis. He enjoys performing arts, and is working towards his Stage 2 LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) certification.

The Magic Towel is Krrish’s first fiction book publication, though he has written few short stories and poems in the past. In his own words, the concept and idea of “The Magic Towel” came to him, while in the shower! He hopes young readers and families will enjoy the book, and the story will trigger their imagination - just as it did for him!