A Book on Hindi Cinema written by Manek Premchand
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A Book on Hindi Cinema written by Manek Premchand

Romancing The Song

Manek Premchand

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Binding: Hard Cover
Pages: 654
ISBN: 978-81-924931-0-7
Publisher: Jharna Books
Distributed by: Blue Pencil

Hindi Cinema’s Lyrical Journey

Lyric-writing came to films right away when talking films arrived way back in 1931. And much like a river it flows on even now, although the sentiments expressed keep changing as society changes; the lyric-writer is, consciously or otherwise, quite often in step with the life he sees around him.

Manek Premchand rows us through this wonderfully flowing river, taking us on this exciting journey, commenting on situations and stories of films with relevance to their songs, and interpreting their lyrics. He offers explanations of deep words and complex lines, and demystifies what is meant by ghazals, nazms, rubais, and more. He illustrates the analysis with loads of examples, and peppers this huge undertaking with dollops of wit and humour.

Romancing The Song is for those who love the Hindi film song, and even more, for those who and fascinated by the poem in the song.


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Manek Premchand Book – Buy Romancing The Song

Manek Premchand

Mumbai, India
About the Author/Editor

Manek Premchand was born in Delhi but substantially raised in Mumbai, where he lives. He has authored several books and anchored hundreds of music shows and events. He has also written hundreds of music-related articles for a variety of newspapers. Besides these he has sometimes been featured on television and has been a radio host across platforms, including on WorldSpace Satellite Radio. He is also a Faculty at Xavier’s College Mumbai.

He has authored six books on Hindi film music: Yesterdays’ Melodies Today’s Memories, Musical Moments From Hindi Films, Romancing The Song, Talat Mahmood—The Velvet Voice, Hitting The Right Notes—Hindi Cinema’s Golden Music and The Hindi Film Jukebox—Exploring Unforgettable Songs. Besides these, he has written one third of the book Shiv Kumar Sharma — The Man And His Music. Manek’s focus in that definitive biography of the great santoor maestro is the latter’s contribution to cinema—both as an instrumentalist as well as a composer.