O P Nayyar King of Melody Book written by Lata JagtianiBook Layout Design
O P Nayyar King of Melody Book written by Lata Jagtiani
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O P Nayyar King of Melody

Lata Jagtiani

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Binding: Paperback
Pages: 401
ISBN: 978-81-924931-1-4
Publisher: Jharna Books
Distributed by: Blue Pencil

Like him, O P Nayyar’s melodies are attractive, honest and joyous. In the staid musical world of the  ‘50s, when most tunes were predictable, his effervescent melodies surprised listeners with their audacious euphoria so much so that non-dancers and non-singers were enthused to dance and sing, the energy of his music was so infectious! Although this genius had never been trained in music, his astute understanding of both his art and his audience was beyond compare,

The myth that O P Nayyar was a mere ghoda-gaadi-rhythm-composer is debunked by author Lata Jagtiani. Other melodies he created such as Zulf ki Chaaon Mein, Bekasi Had Se, Boojh Mera Kya Naao Re, Aap ke Haseen Rukh Pe, Aana Hai To Aa and Chaen Se Humko Kabhi are chronicled under different headings to corroborate he was a versatile composer beyond compare. There are also studies that include the role of his musical instrument, lyricists, singers and actors. Also, the full lyrics of over 135 of his wow songs are presented to enable plenty more Nayyarana mehfils!

Perspectives of 17 friends, singers, fans and writers, including Penaz Masani, Ashok Khosla and Ruhan Kapoor are included; from Calgary to Ambala each of them salutes the maestro O P Nayyar!


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Lata Jagtiani

About the Author/Editor

Lata Jagtiani has an MA in English Literature. She has authored seven books: Temple Bells and Other Stories, Bhagavad Gita in 365 Days, Towards Light, Sindhi Reflections, Mumbai Terror Attacks, O P Nayyar, King of Melody and Dada’s Wisdom. She has also been a lecturer in English in Mumbai and Dubai colleges. Over the years, several articles and book reviews penned by her have been published by newspapers including The Times of India, DNA and The Pioneer. She loves nature, books, music and films.

Lata Jagtiani lives in Mumbai, and can be reached via email at latajagtiani@gmail.com