Ramendra Kumar
Ramendra Kumar

Most of our deep friendships are formed during our school days. Friendships that last a lifetime in many cases. Friends who accept you, warts and all. These are the people that shape you in your formative years, hold you when you feel like you’re at a breaking point and help you in putting yourself back together, piece by piece when you do break.

The novel is not an over the top fantasy or a contrived adventure – it is a slice of school life in the here and now. Friends Forever is about just such a friendship. It brings to life the typical ambience in a school – the jealousies, the fights, the one-upmanship, the tensions, the fun, the joy and above all the loyalties, the faith and the synergy of young minds and hearts.

LnC, the e-mag of Blue Pencil, is proud to present celebrated award-winning children’s writer Ramendra Kumar’s latest novel Friends Forever, illustrated with beautiful life-like art by renowned artist Avijit Sarkar.

Artist Avijit Sarkar
Avijt Sarkar

Avijit Sarkar is a musician, composer, illustrator, cartoonist, writer, poet, puppeteer, philanthropist and a polymath from Sydney, Australia. He has been endorsed by the Australian Performing Rights Association as a music composer. His first book, A Turn of Events was recently published in Australia. His designs, illustrations and cartoons have appeared in many magazines and books across the world. Avijit is the Director of Natraj Academy that he established in Sydney 11 years ago. Today all proceeds from his creative pursuits are donated to medical research and charities in Australia. In a career spanning over four decades, Avijit has left his footprint in every form of creativity in Australia.


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Ramendra Kumar – Poet, Book Writer and Author

Ramendra Kumar

Rourkella, India
About the Author/Editor

Ramendra Kumar (Ramen) is a children’s writer with 35 books to his name. He also writes satire, poetry, fiction and non-fiction. He has won 31 awards in the competition for writers of children’s literature organised by Children’s Book Trust (CBT), over the years. Ramen was felicitated by the writers and publishers of Sri Lanka for his significant contribution to children’s literature recently.

His writings have been translated into 14 Indian and 13 foreign languages and have found a place in several school text books as well as anthologies, both in India and abroad. Ramen has been invited to participate in several literature festivals including Jaipur Literature Festival, Hyderabad Literary Festival, Bookaroo, Chandigarh Children’s Literature Festival et al, as well as seminars conducted by Sahitya Akademi, NBT, IGNOU etc. A much sought after story teller, inspirational speaker and mentor, Ramen has also conducted story telling sessions in schools in Copenhagen, Kenya and Colombo as well as all across India. He had the privilege of chairing two sessions at the 36th IBBY Congress in Athens recently.

An Engineer & an MBA, Ramen is working as Chief of Communications in Rourkela Steel Plant, Odisha. His short stories, poems and essays for Learning and Creativity are very popular among readers. Website: ramendra.in