Were Wonders: The Abandoned Fighter

Trishna Saha
  ‘The Abandoned Fighter’! The fantasy fiction is written by 15-year-old Trishna, which is Book 1 from her series ‘Were Wonders’. It portrays the life of the teenage protagonist, Natasha, in the picturesque locale of San Francisco, California. Throughout the novel, Natasha’s life takes her through various plot-twists that are life-changing and transformative. She chases the reality of her birth parents and also the history of her birth.  


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Were Wonders: The Abandoned Fighter

ISBN: 978-81-952978-1-8
Pages: 437
Published: December 2021

eBook Available on Kindle:  India | USA | Canada | UK | Germany | France | Spain | Italy | Netherlands | Japan | Portugal | Mexico | Australia |

Have you ever wondered about the mystical, occult world of werewolves who look, walk and talk just like us, humans? They carry the stories, the burden of uniqueness, and astonishingly electrifying truth within. What are their stories of transformation that overwhelm their bodies and souls? And what shapes a significant part of the truth of the werewolf clans who coexist among humans in urban settings?

Natasha has been practicing for this her whole life, but no amount of training could have prepared her for the storm that’s approaching.
Her ordinary life, filled with non-dairy products and therapy sessions, takes a sharp turn and parks itself in a life full of weapons, werewolves and demons.

It doesn’t help that she and her new friends, are all unique. Not the kind of unique you hope to be, but the kind that has the power to wreck your life and leave nothing behind in its wake. And to make things worse, another clan has vowed to destroy their home—Lupus Ring, and they are not going to stop until they have everything they want.

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About the Author/Editor

Trishna Saha is a 16-year-old writer who has completed her CBSE class 10 from Jubilee Hills Public School and is presently studying Psychology, History and Fashion from Glendale Academy. When she isn’t writing or reading her favourite fantasy and romance novels, she is found engrossed in an English sitcom or a Marvel movie. She also enjoys reviewing books on Goodreads and likes taking personality tests, more than class tests. She is an INFP and lives with her parents and older sister in the city of Hyderabad in India.