Talent — A Novel by Dr Nazrul Islam



Talent — A Novel by Dr Nazrul Islam
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Author : Dr Nazrul Islam

ISBN: 978-93-92281-16-7
Published: December 2021
Pages: 253
Binding: Hardbound
Published by: Virasat Art Publications

It was an ordinary day, but she could feel the air that had once touched her dearly; she remembered a few things from the past and smiled. The trees around that place gave her a sense of serenity and it relaxed her. Slowly she opened the front page of the newspaper, read a headline that shocked her: The mystery behind the triple murders at Sikarpur was deepening as more inputs were coming. She was taken aback that the murders took place at Sikarpur, where they had come to camp. She went through the news.

Three people had been mercilessly murdered in a single day. Swadhin Kabi of village Rajpur, a professor of English in Hatkhola College was shot dead near the Central Correctional Home, Burhanpur. Susrut Vaidya, a resident medical officer of Hatkhola Hospital was stabbed to death at his quarter in the hospital compound. Satyasundar Banerjee, a journalist of the Daily Mail, was beheaded near his office.

For details she entered the suit and switched on the television. Different channels were showing the dead bodies and commenting on the murders. The dead body of the journalist was most fearful; his head was lying separated from the body, and blood flowing out from the separated parts.


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