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A content writer and project manager by day at a Toronto-based digital marketing agency, Shubhang has written for various websites, forums, and social media platforms under the pen name ‘Ronin’ and continues doing so.

Shubhang also goes by the pen name 'Ronin'. What exactly it means, you ask? Well, in Feudal Japan, when a Ninja was abandoned by his clan and used to train all by himself was known as a Rogue Ninja, or 'Ronin'. There's some story behind why Shubhang adapted this pen name, but that's a story for another time.

Shubhang has been into fiction writing for quite some time now. He has written poems, articles, op-eds, short stories, movie reviews, and celebrity interviews for various websites, blogs, and web forums. He has a blog named Shubhang's Poems where he mostly writes poems in English, Hindi, and Urdu.

Shubhang has also written two novels. The first one, 'The Lonely Wish-Giver' was co-authored by him and other writers across the globe and was published by the renowned online editing platform Grammarly. More recently, he debuted with his Hindi-language romantic-bildungsroman novel titled 'Yaadon Ki Aawaaz, Aur Tum.'

When Shubhang is not tap-tapping his laptop keyboards, he spends his time doing commissioned designing and drawing, playing harmonica, listening to rock music from the golden eras of the 70s and 80s (Guns N' Roses, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, you name it!), and reading, well, a lot of fiction stories! An ardent fan of superhero stories, Shubhang is a devotee of Stan Lee and can never get over Spider-Man, at least not in this life.

Shubhang Saurav has always been inspired by stories that depict serenity, introspection, and finding happiness amid real-life not-so-happy situations. Needless to say, such themes reflect in several of his works, including the story that you’re about to read. A content writer and project manager by day at a Toronto-based digital marketing agency, Shubhang has written for various websites, forums, and social media platforms under the pen name ‘Ronin’ and continues doing so. An avid fan of fiction and high fantasy stories, Shubhang grew up reading the works of authors like Premchand, J. R. R. Tolkien, Maitreyi Pushpa, Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and J. K. Rowling. Even though Shubhang has traveled and stayed in several cities in India and Canada, his love for Delhi was, and always will, remain unmatched. He dedicates this story to his love for the city.

You can find more about Shubhang and his adventures on his Instagram page 'ronin.xe'

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The book “Yaadon ki Aawaaz, Aur Tum” by Shubhang has a special connection with Chhath Puja and Ghats of Ganga


Chhath Puja is around the corner and people in massive numbers are migrating home for the biggest festival of Bihar that starts Oct 28 with Nahaye Khaye. The immense joy of making it home around your family is so overwhelming and when you can’t make it home, it is even more overwhelming. We have come across a book Yaadon ki Awaaz Aur Tum” in which the Ghats of Ganga seem to be playing a pivotal role.

In this story, the protagonist, Amit, has returned to his hometown Patna after a few years to spend Chatth pooja with his parents. A lot has happened in his life between when he was in patna last time and when he has visited now. He has changed as a person. It seems he has lost someone whom he loved more than anyone else in the world but we don’t know that for sure. All we know is, that he is sad and is trying to get back into living a normal life. Chatth and Ganga ghat play a pivotal role in his memories because he used to spend a lot of time sitting on the Ganga ghat with that person. Also, Amit realizes that the last time he was genuinely happy was when he used to come for Chatth pooja with his parents in his childhood. And now that so much has happened in his life and he is a grown adult, he goes back to Ganga during Chatth in hope of finding that genuine happiness.

Writers are truly gifted by God. They have the talent for expressing their emotions and feelings. We got a wonderful chance to have a rendezvous with one such writer who has a flair for writing and has written some intelligence books and blogs, Shubhang Saurav who goes by the pen name Ronin, currently working as a project manager for a digital marketing agency in Canada, hails from Patna district of Bihar state and has completed his initial education from DAV BSEB Patna, for the further studies he wants to get a degree in fine arts from Pune and then Masters’ in Journalism. Shubhang fondly remembers that he has always been a bibliophile and his love and interest in reading books was cultivated when he started to read Munshi Premchand’s famous novel ‘Godan’ and Ruskin Bond’s ‘Room on the Roof’, he further added that JRR Tolkein’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ is also his favourite. Being a Potterhead, he finds delight in discussing Rolling’s novels with his friends. Shubhang Saurav has always been moved by tales of calm, reflection, and happiness despite less-than-happy circumstances in real life. It goes without saying that these themes appear in a number of his works, including the narrative you’re about to read. Shubhang has visited and lived in several cities in India and Canada, but his love for Delhi has always been unrivalled. He dedicates this tale to the city he adores.

Even before becoming a writer, Shubhang started as a content writer. He has written quite a few blog pages and has even written articles for Patna Beats. But the main question arises as to why we even had a one-on-one session with this budding writer. It was because of his new book Yaadon ki Awaaz aur Tum that has already been launched and we are so proud to spread the word about it to our readers. We would also like to add that the writer has for the first time tried his hands in writing in Hindi. Shubhang added that he loves to explore human emotions and putting in a very embellished manner so that people can relate to it and get engrossed while reading the book and can live each character. In this book, the writer talks about Amit who has not gone to Patna, his homeland, since he moved to New Delhi. Since he last left the city, not much has changed in this area. But some things have unquestionably changed from before. Amit is alone this time because Anu, who he probably loves more than anybody else in the world, isn’t there. How is she doing and where is she? Amit either isn’t aware of it or simply doesn’t want to talk about it with anyone, particularly his best friend Shivendra. He is being pulled by an internal tempest towards specific recollections of his past, where Amit had journeyed from the Ganga to the Jama Masjid in quest of something or someone. Is Amit looking for himself or is he trying to find Anu? In ‘Yaadon Ki Aawaaz Aur Tum,’ find yourself!

We at patnabeats strongly recommend our reader to go through this book once if chhath puja and ghats of ganga also plays an important part in your life too. Find the link here; ‘Yaadon Ki Aawaaz Aur Tum

Source: Patna Beats

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