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Hello friends! I'm Manek Premchand
Author | Film Music Historian
Manek Premchand has a diploma in Journalism and a degree in Arts from Bombay University. He has many friends in the film industry and remains fascinated by the enormous role that Hindi cinema's music has played as a key bonding medium in a country as disparate as ours. This fascination has motivated him to write several books on the subject. These are: Yesterday’s Melodies, Today’s Memories, Musical Moments From Hindi Films, Romancing The Song, Shiv Kumar Sharma, The Man and His Music (co-authored with two others), Talat Mahmood—The Velvet Voice, Hitting The Right Notes, The Hindi Music Jukebox and The Unforgettable Music of Hemant Kumar.
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In The Media
November 28, 2012
THE words have always mattered. In the world of Hindi film music, the lyricist has most often been an equal contributor.
Feb 5, 2007
Musical Moments From Hindi Films Rifling through the pages of this book, regardless of its grainy photographs and less-than perfect production valu...
16 Jan,20 | Reviews by Dr. Santosh Bakaya
This book on Majrooh Sultanpuri one of the prominent musical forces in Hindi films.
25th January 2022
Among the four markers of a film song – the film in which it appeared, the singer, the music director and the lyricist – the last generally gets a ...
The Evolution of Music in Hindi Cinema
Manek Premchand Chandrashekhar Phanse Sitar, Ik shehenshah ne banwa ke haseen Taj Mahal
Manek Premchand
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