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Hello friends! I'm Lata Jagtiani
Lata Jagtiani has an MA in English Literature. She has authored seven books: Temple Bells and Other Stories, Bhagavad Gita in 365 Days, Towards Light, Sindhi Reflections, Mumbai Terror Attacks, O P Nayyar, King of Melody and Dada’s Wisdom. She has also been a lecturer in English in Mumbai and Dubai colleges. Over the years, several articles and book reviews penned by her have been published by newspapers including The Times of India, DNA and The Pioneer. She loves nature, books, music and films.
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Radhika D Shyam, July 27, 2013
Daily grief falls on them like steady torrential rain that does not let the sunshine of hope break through the brooding dark clouds.
I watched Guide for the first time when I was about twelve or so. Till then, all the Hindi cinema I had watched was predictable, comfortable, simpl...
By Lata Jagtiani | Nov 20, 2019
Edited excerpts from a book of essays on the 1965 classic, which stars Waheeda Rehman as the dancer Rosie, who leaves her husband Marco for Dev Ana...
14TH APRIL 2020
An unintended blessing of Corona-enforced lockdown, I thought, was that I would be able to finish some half-read books and watch and rewatch some o...
Lata Guru Dutt
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GUIDE – A book by 14 Authors for Bollywood lovers – Dev Anand Vijay Anand SD Burman Lata Mangeshkar
Lata Jagtiani
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