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Geetha Shankar is the  Founder-Director of Center for Communication Excellence, Bengaluru, and National President, Public Relations Council of India (PRCI). A graduate from Mount Carmel College, she did her post graduation in Economics and has an  MBA in Mass Communication. Her career took a new turn as a Business Coach and she has built up a rich 25 years of experience in Learning, Development and Counselling. She is also a consultant in Communication where she takes charge of Internal and External communication to ensure smooth flow of information. Geetha is trained as a Master Neuro-Linguistic practitioner from Florida. She has also been practising the Law of Attraction to keep her life and the lives of others joyful and healthy.
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Shoreless Infinite, authored by Ms Geetha Shankar, a Communication and L&D professional was released recently in the presence of distinguished guests Dr Mahantesh G. Kivadasannavar, Founder Trustee

Public Relations Council of India (PRCI), the premier body for PR Professionals founded and headed by Chairman Emeritus Mr. M.B. Jayaram

Public Relations Council of India (PRCI), the premier body for PR Professionals founded and headed by Chairman Emeritus Mr. M.B. Jayaram

In the Governing Council meeting on 11th November 2022 held at Kolkata, during the 16th PRCI Global Communication Conclave

What the Readers Say

Geeta, this is Nitya from Blore.I read your book the day I got it within about 2 hours. It was a real page turner. In the book, you have managed to bring forth the personal and professional aspects of your life in equal measure. Professionally, you have worn multiple hats of different makes and worn them all with such elegance. This is nothing short of inspirational.

But as a woman, I could honestly relate more to the personal front. Ranging from dealing with the dirty looks, bad touches that come our way, change in family environments from the parents’ place to that of the in laws, dreaming of a career yet balancing the requirements of the family, we women never have it easy. This is where your achievements take on a totally different shine. As you yourself have mentioned in the book, your family is always your priority. This clearly hasn’t stopped you from going further with your professional life so successfully. Take a bow, Geeta avre. I am so glad that you decided to share with us your journey in the form of this book.

Dr Nitya Girish, Bangalore.

I read Geetha Aunty’s autobiography. I took the book around 8 pm on a weekday to read , and I thought I can read it slowly for few days and complete it. But, I could not keep the book down. I know aunty personally only last few months. The first time I met her, I felt her being so enthusiastic and was very social.

As I was reading the book, I felt she was raising the voice of the challenges many women felt during that age. Having a good partner to support a women’s professional  journey is commendable, and I can see how much aunty has respected and loved uncle for supporting her passion.

With all the difficulties which the working women of the past and present generation faces, she has been so successful and has never stopped following her dreams.

When I was younger, I used to listen to Ethiroli program on Doordarshan and when I read the book I was able to connect . I never knew it was Geetha aunty until then. She has won so many people’s heart with her voice.

Also, her book spoke about the love she has for her family. I wish aunty a great success and I completely loved reading her book. I am looking forward to her next book. 

Loads of Love 

Poornima Vijhay, Austin, Texas

Greetings Geetha  Hope you are doing well.  Many Congratulations  

Happy to see your beautiful photo on the cover page of your autobiography. “One more feather in your cap”. Well deserved 

Even though there was a delay in reading your book from my end due to my personal reasons, it was worth the wait .

With your multifaceted talent, your interest in writing, and your communication skills, with an evergreen charismatic personality, you have been able to weave your wonderful detailed autobiography, connecting the lives of all the people who have been part of your life and your beloved ones, and also by accepting the challenges and overcoming them in flying colors. 

“Wah Kya Baat Hai”

You have a knack of articulating your feelings by communicating them in simple language that  everyone can understand. Wish you many more in all your future endeavours. God bless.

Lakshman Bala, Bangalore

You are an incredible woman who responded positively to everything that happened in your life and just moved forward. Have been extremely outgoing and versatile and willing to take chances and give it a go.

Your focus on family first is laudable and your husband Shankar has been a great supporter and pillar behind you. You have motivated me that I am still young and go forth with my Vision for next 20 years and more in having a second life in giving back to the less fortunate.

Raguraman J., Austin, Texas

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