• The Cinema of Mrinal Sen: A Quest for the Unresolved
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Hello friends! I'm Amitava Nag
Author | Poet | Film Critic | Editor-in-Chief of Silhouette Magazine
Amitava Nag is an independent film critic based in Kolkata and editor of Silhouette. His most recent books on cinema are Murmurs: Silent Steals with Soumitra Chatterjee, 16 Frames and Smriti Satta o Cinema. His earlier writings include the acclaimed books Satyajit Ray’s Heroes and Heroines and Beyond Apu: 20 Favourite Film Roles of Soumitra Chatterjee. His latest book is The Cinema of Tapan Sinha: An Introduction. Amitava also writes poetry and short fiction in Bengali and English – observing life in a platter. His poetry collection Forever Meera and translation anthology of Soumitra Chatterjee’s English poems titled Walking Through the Mist were published in 2020. He can be reached at www.amitavanag.net.
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‘People who are creative don’t die’
In The Media
A Fascinating Biography of Soumitra Chatterjee

A star was born in Bengali cinema with Soumitra Chatterjee as the King in Satyajit Ray’s Apur Sansar in 1959.

Amar Ujala | Review | June 27, 2022

सौमित्र चैटर्जी एक अभिनेता रहे हैं इसके साथ वे बहुत एकांतप्रिय हैं। सत्यजित राय की ‘अपुर संसार’ से प्रारंभ कर तकरीबन छ: दशक उन्होंने अभिनय किया।

June 12, 2023

‘This book is not on cinema as such but on reflections on life by a star who was always human as he shared parts of his life with a much younger friend,’ says Nag of his book ‘Murmurs’

The Indian Express | By Gautam Chintamani | May 30

At the time of his death in November 2020 following COVID-19 complications, he was preceded perhaps by only Rabindranath Tagore and Satyajit Ray when it came to reverence. Noted author and film historian Gautam Chintamani reviews

The Cinema of Tapan Sinha Book Launch
Letter to Myself Adda
Remembering Soumitra
Amitava Nag
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