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While your goal is to publish that groundbreaking book and get it out to the world, you would definitely want it to be flawless, unique and inimitable. At Blue Pencil, armed with widely published authors with impeccable background in English and Creative Writing, we are committed to provide you with discerning editorial support for all your writing projects

Print on Demand (POD) is the biggest revolution in book printing since the Blue Pencil is making it convenient and affordable for self-published authors to print and sell their books straight to readers around the world. On Demand Book Printing helps in lowering the unit costs, reduces the inventory management and handling costs, and also prevents wastage as fewer copies of books can be kept in stock.

Our editors also understand that as the author of your own writing, you would be extremely sensitive to changes, so our valuable editorial support will work closely with you to make sure you maintain your original voice and perspective as an author, while holding your hand to evaluate, edit and revise your work in a cost-effective, professional and timely manner.

Comprising print publications, physical book distribution, digital print on­ demand, and eBooks, Blue Pencil provides dynamic and targeted solutions for today’s complex print on demand book publishing challenges on the really affordable rates.

Blue Pencil is a New Delhi-based publishing house with several prestigious publications under our belt. Blue Pencil is a venture of the popular and prestigious Learning and Creativity Literature Magazine and Silhouette Magazine devoted to cinema and allied arts. We are powered by the leading digital solutions company Wisitech.

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